Final Planning Information for Your Trip to Our Sunshine Coast Wilderness Retreat

Now that decisions, dates and deposits have been made, we have a few suggestions and details that may be helpful in final planning and packing for your visit to Tzoonie.

Mental Orientation Before You Arrive

At Tzoonie you will be immersed in nature from the moment we leave the dock in Sechelt. The past guests who have gotten the most out of their holiday with us – and who often return again and again – say putting phones and electronics away for the duration of the stay creates memories that last a lifetime, and can be highly restorative in an era of difficult climate change. There are so many quiet gifts of Tzoonie, but you need to be present for them to work their magic. We have board games, bring books, a craft or activity you can do together, or plan for a picnic day hike or kayak paddle. The resident wildlife are always around to keep you company – Sammy the seal, Hank the heron, Rodriguez the squirrel, and Jay Leno & Jimmy Kimmel the whiskey jacks. We also enjoy sea lions, orcas (killer whales), porpoises, big jellyfish, herring balls, bears and mountain goats up in the hills behind the camp. It’s a big world at Tzoonie, and it’s all yours when you’re fully present.

Point of Departure

For those traveling by auto, which accounts for most of our guests, we will meet you, at Mackenzie Marina in Sechelt Inlet Porpoise Bay an hour from the time the ferry lands at Langdale. It is about a 30 minute drive to Sechelt so this will allow adequate time.  Parking is available at the marina. Unless previously discussed you should come direct to the marina from Langdale ferry landing to ensure that you are not holding up other guests who may be on the same ferry.


Upon entering downtown Sechelt on Highway 101 from Langdale, turn right at the traffic light onto Wharf Street just a hundred meters past McDonalds. Continue on Wharf Street two or three blocks past the motel, pub and Porpoise Bay public wharf.  You are now on Anchor Road. Proceed up the hill to the three-way stop, turn right on Trail Ave for about 100 meters than turn right on Marine Way. Follow Marine Way past the condos and prepare for a sharp right turn, at the Mackenzie Marina sign, down the hill to the Marina. See the map below.

There are no washroom facilities at the marina and the travel time by boat could be close to an hour depending on weather conditions. You may wish to make a brief stop at the” Lighthouse Pub” you will pass on Wharf Street.

NOTE: If the ferry is late or if you are delayed call us at call us at 604-885-9802 or cellphone 604-886-3013. Please do your shopping, etc before you get on ferry unless you notify us in advance that you will be late. We do not recommend this as other guests may be waiting for same boat. We suggest that you reserve ferry space during this busy time of year. On returning, our departure time from Narrows Inlet will be no later than 10 AM to take advantage of calmer waters prior to thermal winds which usually begin around 11AM, however we can leave earlier, so you can reserve accordingly.

Art Giroux
Phone: 604-885-9802 or Cellphone: 604-886-3013

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